Frequently Asked Questions

1. Tralalers Account

Who can register and book a Tour?

Any person interested in Travel, wishing to participate in our online community. If you wish to book any of the products and services found on you have to be of legal age to buy things online in your country.

How do I register and book a Tour?

You can register simply by using one of your social network accounts or by filling out the electronic Sign up form.

Do I pay any membership fee?

No, Tralaler Accounts are completely free of any membership fees.

Do I have to answer all the questions during registration?

It is not mandatory to answer all the questions, but we recommend that you do so in order to use the full potential of the system.

How do I edit my Account?

You can simply edit any part of your account by choosing the tab that you want to edit and click the data field you want to edit.

How do I deactivate my Account?

You can deactivate your account at anytime through account settings on your profile.

2. Finding a Tour

What Type of Tour can I book?

You can book all various types of Tours that are listed on the website from themed sightseeing to multi day excursions.

How do I find best Tour for myself?

The best way to find the Tour for you is to choose one of the categories and filters that best describe your travel habits, interests and preferences. You can also try searching by keyword and location like “diving Zadar” or by keyword alone to find all the locations with the activity you are looking for.

What are the differences between the Tours?

Tours may vary in various ways – duration, type, location, equipment required, physical and age requirements, price, cancellation policy, company’s policy, segments included and exclude into Tour, language, details, and reviews. We strongly advise you to check each Tour’s detail offer and its policies carefully before submitting your booking request.

3. Pricing & Special Deals

Where can I see the price of the Tour?

Price of the Tour is displayed on the preview card of the listed Tour and on the Tour page. Prices that are displayed can be per person and /or per group.

Do Tour prices include VAT?

Tour guides and Tour agencies have to include VAT into their prices, but they might charge you some other fees (i.e. local Tourist fee) upon your arrival. We suggest that you carefully read all the displayed descriptions.

What are Special Deals?

Special Deals are offers created by the Providers that include significant discounts for bookings made under defined conditions.

When do Special Deals apply?

Special Deals apply on the dates, times, quantities and conditions defined by the Provider and displayed on the page of that Tour.

4. Payment

How do I pay?

We process payments through PayPal’s secure network where you can pay with your Credit Card or PayPal account. In case you experience any problems with your payments, please send us an email to If any Provides suggests or requests you to pay for your booking outside the system, please contact us immediately on Never pay for your bookings outside the Via Tralala payment system because we will not be able to provide you any fraud protection or security for those types of transactions.

In what currency can I pay?

Your currency will be collected in GBP. Please be advised that our payment gateway provider and/or your local bank can charge you extra fees.

When will I pay?

The Provider might charge booking deposit at the moment when your booking request in confirmed. Nevertheless, these amounts will vary from one Provider to another.

What is Payment method?

Payment methods are different ways of paying for your booking that are accepted by Via Tralala.

How do I pay through the Website?

Just follow the standard payment process after you clicked Pay button in your Cart and fill in your payment information.

Where can I see my transactions?

You can see you current transactions and transaction history within a Transactions tab on your Tralaler account.

What is Total?

Total is the amount to be paid for booking (including Via Tralala Fee and VAT) a certain Tour in the desired time period. If the price is set per group than the Total Price is the same as the Tour price, but if the Tour price is set per person the Total Tour Price per person (for that Tour) times the number of Persons you are trying to book this product or service for.

Does Via Tralala charge me any fee?

No, it is already included in the Provider’s price.

5. Booking a Tour

What is Booking Request?

Booking Request is the Inquiry you send to the Provider to see if requested Tour is available for booking in the time period you selected. Booking request is submitted after you click Book This Tour button.

How do I book a Tour?

You can book a Tour by sending a Booking Request to the Provider. If the Provider accepts your Booking Request you will be notified that your booking has been confirmed and the payment for your booking processed. If the Provider denies your Booking Request you will be notified that selected Provider has no free Tours for the requested time period and to either change the time period or try to find another Provider who has similar Tours.

When can I expect the confirmation for my Booking Request?

You should expect a response (either confirmation or denial of your request) to you Booking Request within 48 hours of sending your request.

Can I trust the Tours that have no reviews?

Lack of reviews is due to the fact that we have just started building our own base of reviews. That is one of the reasons why some Tours may not have any reviews jet, other reason could be that the Provider just created its account and hasn’t jet had any Tralalers that would leave a review. Whatever the reason for lack of reviews might be it is no reason not to trust the Provider.

What do I do if Provider wants to modify my Booking?

Depending on what part of your booking does the Provider want to modify you should first try to find a satisfactory solution directly with the Provider. If that is not possible you should contact us by email with all the details of your case and we will try to help you resolve the dispute.

Where can I see all my Bookings?

You can see all your bookings in your Tralaler Account.

6. Cancellations

What is Cancellation Policy?

How do I see Cancellation Policy?

You can cancel your booking through from the Bookings section of your Tralaler Account.

Do all Providers have same Cancellation Policy?

No, every Provider is able to set his own Cancellation Policy according to his needs and previous experiences.

How do I cancel my Booking?

You can cancel your booking through from the Bookings section of your Tralaler Account.

Do I get any refunds if I cancel my Booking?

You can get a refund (in accordance with the Cancellation Policy) if you cancelled your booking within the time period and under other conditions set out for cancellations by the Provider.

What amounts are refundable if I cancel my Booking?

Refundable amount is based on the amount of money already paid and the time period in which the cancellation was made and calculated in accordance with the parameters that the Provider has set out in his Cancellation Policy.

When can I expect to receive my refund?

You can expect your refund within 7-21 working days after your Cancellation was confirmed and we received a claim for refund.

What do I do when the Provider cancels my Booking?

In case where the Provider cancels your confirmed booking, you should notify Us immediately to confirm the return of funds and we will also try to help you find another appropriate Tour to book.

What do I do if Tour is not as agreed?

You should try to resolve the issue directly with the Provider on the spot and also notify Us immediately. When you reach an agreement about the compensation let Us know so we can process the transaction accordingly. You should also notify Us in cases where you cannot reach an agreement to try and help both parties to resolve the issue.

Can I trust the Provider with the Photos & Videos?

All the photos and videos you submit will only be displayed on and in some cases used by the Provider or Via Tralala Ltd. for marketing purposes, we will never resell them.

7. Calendar & Availability

How do I see availability of the Tour?

Dates on which the Tour is not available are displayed as filled with pink colour, days when the Tour is available are filled with green colour.

Can I use the Calendar to book the Tour?

You can use the calendar to put in the dates when you want to book the Tour, but to send a Booking Request you still have to click send the Booking Request button.

8. Communication with Providers

How do I use messages?

You can access and use our messaging system from your Tralaler Account.

How do I contact Provider?

You can contact a Provider by sending him a Booking Request or using our messaging system.

I have received message from the Provider. How do I answer?

Simply use the Reply button next to the message you received from the Provider.

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