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Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, is cultural and political centre of Slovenia. It is a city of students and majority of its citizens are here for educational reasons. Its history is dating back to 12th century when it was first mentioned as a capital of Carniola Province, later as Napoleon's Illyrian Provinces. After former Yugoslavia has fallen apart, Ljubljana was one of the cities where many Croats, Serbs and Slovenians settled in very peaceful and tolerant environment. Ljubljana's architecture is mainly dominated by Art Nouveau facades but the most impressive and best known landmark is Ljubljana Castle. Ljubljana is the city where the oldest Philharmonics in the world has been established and where today international music festivals and events occur.

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Rafting in Bled, Slovenia

extreme & adrenaline tours, rafting & canoeing tours

Modern rafting however is an outdoor adventure - a way of experiencing fun, adrenaline and thrill on nature's most beautiful rivers. Rafting is a popular outdoor activity in Slovenia as the country's rivers possess the reputation of being very clean, beautiful and offering something for everyone. If you love the outdoo

Duration: 3 hours (approx.)

from £ 25.74 per person

Canyoning in Bled, Slovenia

extreme & adrenaline tours

While on holidays in Slovenia a true outdoor anventure enthusiast would not miss out on wonders hidden deep within the waterfalls and pools that the water took thousands of years to create. Canyoning in Slovenia is certainly one of the most exciting and adrenaline-full ways to make your travel around the country more

Duration: 3 hours (approx.)

from £ 46.80 per person

The Great Emerald Adventure

extreme & adrenaline tours

Awesome day-trip packed with adventure around the unspoiled Triglav National Park. Slovenia’s beautiful Triglav National Park is the setting for this memorable experience of rafting and canyoning, with some exquisite views to enjoy of stunning Alpine landscape. Departing from the capital, Bled, you’ll pass the gorgeous

Duration: 10 hours (approx.)

from £

Mountainbike on snow with a fat bike

extreme & adrenaline tours, cycling tours

Hop on a FAT bike, take the lift to the top of the slopes and have some winter mountain-bike fun.

Duration: 3 hours (approx.)

from £

Ski school

ice-skating, snowboarding & skiing tours

Almost every winter enthusiast would agree that when it comes to skiing, knowledge and experience are very important. Therefore we have prepared programs in our ski school that will help a beginner take his first steps in ski boots and teach someone with more experience how to use their knowledge more effectively.

Duration: 1 hour (approx.)

from £ 27.00 per person

Snowboard school

ice-skating, snowboarding & skiing tours

There are many different ski areas and centres in Slovenia that would satisfy even a very demanding snowboarder's taste. You can choose anything from a freestyle snowpark experience to a cool ride on fresh morning powder.

Duration: 1 hour (approx.)

from £ 27.00 per person

Alps & the capital of Slovenia - Private Tour from Zagreb

other tours & activities, walking tours, full day tours, natural wonders, national & nature parks, rivers & lakes, local flavours & food markets, castles, fortresses & palaces, historical sights, landmarks & monuments, squares & streets, sightseeing & attraction passes

On this day trip from Zagreb, discover 3 most beautiful gems of Slovenia: the magical Lake Bled, stunning Vintgar gorge and the charming capital Ljubljana, the smallest capital city in EU!

Duration: 9 hours (approx.)

from £

Weekend Adventure in Slovenia

extreme & adrenaline tours, cycling tours, walking, hiking & trekking tours, national & nature parks

We challenge you to find a country that packs more untouched, dramatic and diverse scenery into a smaller space in Europe than Slovenia. If Adventure Holidays press all your buttons, get ready for the trip of a lifetime with Us.

Duration: 4 days

from £
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Places to visit in Ljubljana

Take a look at these places to get a feel what Ljubljana is really all about.


Dinosaur remains on Zalarjev vrh

Historical sights, History & Culture

Archeological sight Zalarjev vrh near Idrija hold many mysteries and over 200 million years old dinosaur footprints and other fossils from that time period.


Old Square

Streets & Squares, Local Hotspots, Walking, hiking & Trekking, Bars & Pubs, restaurant

Pedestrian area of Old Square is true Ljubljana's centre with many locals, shops, bars and restaurants.


Zbiljsko Lake

Family Adventure, Walking, hiking & Trekking, Cruise & Sailing, Rafting & Canoeing

At Zbiljsko Lake, you can have really active time with family and friends.


Kavarna Flerin

Bars & Pubs, bar, Cafe Bar

Ljubljana Zoo

Family Adventure, Zoo & Aquarium

Perfect for families with children and animal lovers.


Cobbler's bridge

Historical sights, Local Hotspots, Landmarks & Monuments, Walking, hiking & Trekking

One of the oldest bridges in Ljubljana, has been constructed in 13th century.


Kamniska Bistrica

Family Adventure, Walking, hiking & Trekking

Great location for jogging, bicycling, walking, hiking and trekking.


Ljubljanica River Canal

Local Hotspots, Landmarks & Monuments, Family Adventure, Walking, hiking & Trekking

Explore the vast underground world of the Skocjan Caves in Slovenia. Hang on as you cross the Reka River on the Cerkvenik Bridge. The bridge spans the massive underground canyon, with the river roaring far below. Enter the great hall, where you will see giant stalagmites rising up before you. If you love hiking, the Skocjan Education Trail, above ground, offers a challenging trek with exciting points of interest, marked by placards along the way. When you are feeling hungry, sit down at the in park restaurant, located at the entrance to the caves, and enjoy a feast of local dishes. The caves are open year around, so you can visit them at any time.

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