About Us

Who we are

viaTralala Ltd. sells tours and activities on the viatralala.com website. Our goal is to facilitate you the online travel planning and booking with the purpose to fully enjoy all along your travel.

Let's keep it simple

We embarked on a journey of creating modern and safe online travel community that would benefit Tralalers and Providers alike. ViaTralala is a community where Providers can collaborate to boost their sales and create unique and compelling offers for Tralalers. But firstly, we are a place where You can get inspiration and inspire others for their next travels.

We want to help you increase the level of your experience at your travels as much as possible so you do not miss to see or experience anything. With viaTralala you can book tours that have greatest insights of the destinations you are travelling to, experience local tradition and culture, actively spend your time, and finally - to feel like a local.

We are dedicated to the principle of checking all the service providers who apply for our partnership and choosing the most reliable ones to list them on the website in order to ensure quality standards, your safety and maintain your trust. Our partners throughout the Europe are specialised in different areas of expertise such as outdoor activities, museum tours, single day and multi day excursions, trips, museum and galleries tours, tickets & passes, transfuse, sailing and cruising tours, and many others.

How do we do it?

Only by checking the website viatralala.com, you can browse among the most popular sights, activities, attractions, bars and restaurants at some destination. Why did we do this? Because we don't want you to miss visiting the most significant locations. It depends on your time and priorities what you truly want to visit while being at certain place, but we are eager to show you all the hidden beauties of destinations as well.

What can we do together?

There is so many amazing places that we haven't listed so far. We encourage you to suggest us all the locations you believe should be listed on the website so the other travellers don't miss it. You can simply do it by submitting few basic information about the location at suggestlocation, we will check the place and publish it.

What are we doing for you?

By booking at viatralala.com, you can:

  • create your own travel plans, just look through the destinations and places we have on our website and start adding them to your travel plan
  • create itineraries for you travels
  • find and book accommodation
  • find and book different activities and experiences in destinations you plan to visit
  • find and book transportation and transfers
  • share your travel plans, itineraries and interesting new places with you friends and family
  • see where your friends have been, what they liked and suggest places you discovered for them to see


If you would describe yourself as passionate traveler or location expert, send us an email with your standard CV and we'll get back to you as soon as we have an opening in your area of expertise.

Corporate Info

  • Viatralala Ltd
  • Registration number 08658583
  • Regency House
  • 45-51 Chorley New Road
  • Bolton, BL1 4QR
  • United Kingdom
  • Tvornica IO d.o.o.
  • OIB 87022664648
  • Božidara Kunca 3
  • 10000 Zagreb
  • Croatia

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